Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thing 10

Well, I finished. Thing 10 was very easy. I downloaded (and read) a Berenstain Bears book. I thought that title was appropriate since I catalog the children's fiction and probably cataloged the hard copy.

Thing 9

Google docs looks like a very easy way to prepare a document. It has many of the same features as Microsoft Word, so it is pretty easy to use. Also the toolbar buttons are nice.

I played around with Google Earth. I saw my house in Skokie, my house in Wisconsin, and then I looked up Great America. The Great America picture had little post-it type notes that when you clicked on them they told you the name of the ride (they were not available for all the rides) and there was even a camera that when you clicked on that it showed you a color picture of the ride. The satellite view was taken when Great America was first adding the Hurricane Harbor which I think was in 2004, so it isn't completely current.

Thing 8

I added a list of favorite TV shows. It was fun to read what other staff's likes are.

I opened the Wikipedia page and found it very interesting. I like how you can click on links in the definitions to get more information quickly. I would like to believe that people adding information to this and other websites would be doing so honestly, although, I am sure there are people out there who deliberately post misinformation.

Thing 7

I did have to ask Ruth for some help with this thing, she came and helped me out right away. Thanks Ruth!!!

I subscribed to Kankakee Public Library since it was in Illinois and Grand Rapids since I have a friend who lives there. At Grand Rapids I picked the storytime podcasts and listened to a story called The Little School Bus. I may have to play this for my grandkids.

I also subscribed to a Walleye Fishing podcast that actually my husband might be interested in, so I will have to show this to him at home.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thing 6

This would be a great way to organize your "Favorites." I didn't pick a very exciting website. I don't surf the net too much and couldn't think of anything more original.

Thing 5

Sunset - High Falls Flowage
Originally uploaded by theskokieten
High Falls Flowage, Wisconsin.

Thing 5 Done.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thing 4

I signed up for MySpace in Thing 4. I didn't read the top of screen where it said to verify your email address, so as a result I was not able to add any friends. I found a couple to add, but was unable to do it. Then I finally noticed the link to verify my email address and alerted my "would-be" friends that they needed to do this also. Then we were all able to be friends. So now Thing 4 is done.